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When starting a new project, there are endless technical options to choose from, but with React, you can’t go wrong. React is one of the most popular web development frameworks, and in 2023, more than 40% of developers are using this to design applications.

This is the perfect choice for enterprise applications & dashboards. If you want to transform your project, choose the top-notch react templates and dashboards available on CodedThemes. Utilizing these dashboards can save you time, make them easy to use, and be responsive and cross-browser compatible.

These react dashboard are designed & backed by professionals who help you to build reliable web applications faster than any other. The react admin template dashboard can easily merge with frameworks for the development of the application. Our top-notch templates ensure that your web apps are always ahead of the competition.

What are our React Dashboards, and why are they specialized?

Our react dashboards help individuals design React-based admin panel interfaces quickly. It helps to visually represent the data in the best possible way. We offer high-quality, developer-friendly templates that will quicken the web development process. We allow developers customization so that they can perform the unique branding of the project. Our React admin template templates are lightweight, responsive & optimized.

The following React Admin Templates come with dark & light modes, adapting user preferences. To check out some more features, scroll down this page!

Features of React Admin Template

Our React Admin Template is fully responsive & optimized to offer smooth user interactions. These templates can speed up the development procedures. The react dashboard come with pre-built components, color schemes, page layouts, themes, and application design. Here are the technical features that we use to create our templates -

Why choose React Admin Templates from CodedThemes?

Frequently Asked Questions

React Admin templates are utilized to design web application. These pre-built templates offer a rich futuristic set that can be quickly used to build the admin application. As React is continuously gaining popularity for web development, it is necessary to have user-friendly & robust React admin templates.

React Dashboard is built by using the React hooks & data-driven structure, which can quickly start the application in no time. Our React Dashboard is powered by React.js & Bootstrap v5. It includes 1000+ UI elements and plugins, allows customization, and so on.

When you use the Free React Templates, you can customize the design and save time/money. At the same time, Premium React Dashboard offers amazing pre-built, ready-to-use, highly customizable developer-friendly features. You will get more features in the premium react dashboard than you will in the free dashboard.

The React Admin Dashboard are specifically designed to build single-page applications. In the react admin application, the browser fetches the required CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to render the application at least once.

Using a ready-made dashboard offers the foundation and eliminates the requirement to start building an app from scratch. It minimizes the resources & time for development. These dashboards allow developers to focus on customizing the dashboard as per their requirements rather than spending time on initial designing.

  • Download and set up Node.js, which is employed to handle dependencies.
  • If you want to use Yarn in place of NPM, you must download and install it.
  • Download the CoreUI React Admin Theme or CoreUI PRO React Administrators Template.
  • Proceed to the main root template folder and execute npm install as well as yarn install to install dependencies which required for project.
  • Run “npm start” command in terminal if you are using “NPM”, run “yarn” command if you are using “Yarn”.

Yes, you can customize the react dashboards to match your requirements.

Yes, we offer a responsive design template that will fit with any screen size.

Yes, you can integrate third-party libraries & plugins with the react application. Integrating 3rd party applications with the react admin dashboard is a seamless procedure. It makes your web application user-friendly and efficient.

Yes, React Dashboard is SEO-Friendly. We all know that react is the best platform for designing complex applications with interactive user interfaces. If you want to design your next web app in React, then you will be required to use dependencies & libraries for optimizing the project for search engines.

React Templates is the perfect option for personal as well as commercial projects. This is a powerful & simple program used to display the largest volume of data in a visually interacted manner, for example, data grids, charts, and more.

Yes, react admin template can also work with Next.js, Bootstrap, Tailwind UI, and other React frameworks for designing & developing React admin applications.

Benefits of using Prebuilt Templates

Highly Customizable

Customize smoothly across different contexts.

Error Free

Templates made perfectly, so they work smoothly without any mistakes.

Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any screen size.

Save Time

Ready to use templates save 90% of time.

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