End User License Agreement

Make sure you must read below License information before purchase/use any of our product.

When you purchase any product from CodedThemes is required a license to use it.

We have guidelines to use the license.

All our product License covered in a single user license, multi-user license, and extended license. 

Single License
Multipal License
Extended License
Create Single Personal/client website/app
Create Multiple Personal/client Websites/apps
Create a SaaS Application
Create any type of Template/Plugins for sale anywhere
Product resale
Do Separate sale of our UI Elements?
Template Re-Distribution


We provide some freebie product of entry-level developer for personal use.

All of our freebies product License under MIT.

Single User License:

A single user License is a regular license. With the Single-user License, you will able to use our product only one time for yourself or your client project. If you want to use the same product multiple times you have to buy another license. Here is do and don’t criteria for use of Single-user License.


Multi-user License:

With the Multi-user License, you will able to use our product one or more time for Personal and your client projects. The maximum limit is 5 websites/applications projects. Here is do and don’t criteria for use of Multi-user License.


Extended License (Developer License):

 With the Extended License, you will able to use our product as much as you can use it for your Personal and Client project(s). You can customize your product according to your project needs. You are fully allowed to sell, distribute or lease your project as you want. All ownership and copyright will be yours for your project(s). Here is do and don’t criteria for use of Extended License.


Still Questions About Licence?

Feel free to mail us on [email protected] OR you may simply send us Contact request.
Just mention in subject “About License”.”

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