Berry MUI React Dashboard Template

Berry MUI React Dashboard Template

Berry MUI React Dashboard Template - codedthemes
Framework MUI
Version 3.1.1
Last update March 25, 2022
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May 02, 2022

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Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari

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1 Year

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Berry is a beautiful React Admin Template that comes with many ready-to-use blended MUI Core components. Berry helps you to create your backend application even faster than before. You can build anything you want like the User Management app, Chat app, Customer-centric app, SaaS-based interface, and many more with high-performance code & fully responsive design.

The Figma Design Resource file and TypeScript version are only available with the Standard Plus and Extended licenses.

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Upcoming features

  • React table*
  • Redesigned landing page*
  • NextJS full version (Released on 25-Mar-2022)

Package includes

The download package includes the following

  • JavaScript – Full & Skeleton (All licenses).
  • TypeScript – Full & Skeleton (Plus & Extended licenses).
  • Next.js TypeScript – Full Version (Plus & Extended licenses).
  • Next.js JavaScript – Full Version (All licenses).
  • Figma Design Resource File (Plus & Extended licenses)
  • Documentation.

Key features

  • Modern aesthetics UI design.
  • Quick Start with Skeleton version.
  • New – 6+ Color Presets.
  • New – Font Family options (Roboto, Poppins, Inter)
  • Light / Dark Layouts.
  • Eye-catchy material color palette.
  • Hundreds of customized MUI components.
  • Pre-build useful pages & Apps.
  • LTR / RTL (Right-to-Left) Layouts.
  • Responsive design which supports all modern browsers.
  • Easy to use code & folder structure.
  • Prettier and well-Commented code style.
  • Internationalization (i18n) Support
  • Easy Documentation Guide & Video tutorials.

What’s new in v3.1.0?

  • Organization Chart
  • Redux toolkit
  • AWS Amplify login
  • Mega Menu
  • Add invoice page
  • SAAS pages like – Privacy Policy and FAQ
  • Image upload in kanban
  • Performance Enhancement


  • 95+ Ready to use pages.
  • 5+ conceptual Apps like E-commerce, Mail, Chat, User Management, Contact, and Calendar.
  • Vertical page Layout with unlimited Menu level support.
  • Live Customizer with options of font selection, Layout switcher, Border radius.
  • 2 Conceptual Dashboards.
  • 50+ Data, Statistics, and Chart Widgets.
  • Contact App with Card & List variants.
  • Form Plugins like Mask, Editor, Autocomplete, Clipboard, and many more.
  • Form Layouts – Multicolumn, Sticky, Action bar
  • Form Validation & Form Wizards
  • Animation & Color Shadows
  • Table variants like Simple table, Data table, Data Grid, Enhanced table with search, filter, pagination support.
  • 4 Variants of Authentication pages – Login, Register, Forget & Reset the password, OTP verification.
  • Maintenance Pages like Error, coming soon (2 variants), under construction.
  • Utility pages like Grid, Typography, Color, Shadows, Icons (i.e. 2,000+ Material Icons, Tabler Icons).
  • Landing Page.
  • Contact Page.

Technology stack

  • Built with MUI Core v5 component library.
  • Authentication using – Auth0FirebaseJWT, AWS Cognito
  • Built with React Hooks API.
  • Redux Toolkit
  • Redux & React Context API for State Management.
  • React Router for Navigation Routing.
  • Axios For mock API data.
  • Create React App 
  • Code Splitting.
  • TypeScript support (Standard Plus and Extended licenses only)
  • CSS-in-JS where CSS is composed using JavaScript instead of defined in external files.
  • Multi-Language Support.


Berry has been tested thoroughly in the following environment. 

  • Browser compatibility – Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari (macOS), Opera
  • Design Tested on Retina Displays, Laptop media, and responsive media like Tablet / iPad and Mobile devices.
  • Page speed test made using Google Page Speed, GT Metrix tools.

Figma design resources

The Figma design file is available in the Standard Plus & Extended License. All components and pages are available with proper arrangement. All settings like Color, Typography, Shadow, Components are made of Master components so you can easily change the entire files with one single click.


Visit this link to access Berry Documentation.

Support & updates

Once you purchase the Berry, you will get technical support from our side*. It includes

  • Bug fixes or any other help – you can submit tickets.
  • Request new feature(s)* – contact us. We are always happy to serve you well.

* New features are subject to provided roadmap here. Duration of updates and technical support are as per MUI policy.

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Change Log

Mar 25, 2022 (v3.1.1)

  • Next JS full Version for Typescript and Javascript

Feb 22, 2022 (v3.1.0)

  • Organization Chart

  • Redux toolkit

  • AWS Amplify login

  • Mega Menu

  • Container Layout (click on live customizer->Box Container to test effect)

  • Add invoice page

  • SAAS pages like - Privacy Policy and FAQ

  • Image upload in kanban

  • Performance Enhancement

  • Package upgrades

  • Fix most possible security vulnerabilities

  • Client suggestions and Bug Fixes

Nov 05, 2021 (v3.0.2)

  • Minor fixes in JavaScript package.

  • No changes in TypeScript & Next.js package.

Oct 21, 2021 (v3.0.0)

  • Upgrade to MUI v5.0.4

  • Next.js TypeScript version (released on 31-10-2021).

  • Upgrade to react-router: 6.0.0-beta.5

  • Add Kanban Full Featured App

  • Simplified Authentication Flow

  • Improvement in Styling and Documentation

  • Figma Design File - Add Kanban app

  • Added new videos in the Berry Tutorial Series

Aug 04, 2021 (v2.0.0)

  • Upgrade to Material-UI Beta: 5.0.0-beta.1

  • Upgrade to react-router: 6.0.0-beta.0

  • E-Commerce App

  • Enforce Eslint Rules

  • Absolute imports

  • Remove package “react-material-UI-carousel“ due to no support in MUI Beta. Achieved same using “slick-carousel“

  • Other minor improvements & fixes

Jul 7, 2021 (v1.2.1)

  • TypeScript release (Standard Plus package)

Jun 12, 2021 (v1.2.0)

  • Add Form layouts

  • Add Form with validations

  • Add Form wizards

  • Add a Grid documentation page

  • Add animation and shadows

  • Add 6 new color options

  • Change variable names for colors

  • Fix authentication responsive issues

  • Fix checkbox issues in “Table Enhanced“

  • Restructure the pricing page for better code

  • Set 404 error page redirection

  • Improve mail & chat app with a drawer

  • Documentation update to integrate Berry in a new project

  • Add a video tutorial in the documentation

  • Other minor fixes

May 28, 2021 (v1.1.0)

  • More closer to the single responsibility model

  • Add propTypes declaration for components which helps in the development

  • Set Prettier formatting property “bracketSpacing“ as true for better readability

  • Code clean up and minor bug fixes

  • File Restructured for better code understanding

  • Code commenting and documentation

May 21, 2021 (v1.0.0)

  • Initial release

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