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It’s time to take your admin panel to the next level with the modern collection of Bootstrap Admin Dashboard. Join our 35K+ creatives that already using our admin templates. Every Bootstrap Admin Template is blended with a modern design, cool colors, and clean fonts to make your website look awesome. 

We upgraded our Admin Templates with the latest version of Bootstrap to make your website fast and lightweight, so it loads fast.

What are our Bootstrap Dashboard, and Why are they specialized?

Our Bootstrap Dashboard is built on the Bootstarp 5 Framework. It comes with hundreds of pre-built pages, which is known for its responsiveness and ease of customization. Don’t waste time browsing in different places to manage your website performance and content. All of our React Dashboard Template are designed by experience UI/UX designers.

Features of Bootstrap Admin Templates

Our Bootstrap Dashboard is a great foundation for your web app and helps you take your project to the next level. This ready-to-use template makes your task easy to perform. Here are the technical features that we use to create our templates -

Why choose Bootstrap Admin Template from CodedThemes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Bootstrap Admin Templates is a collection of pre-designed pages that build with Bootstrap Framework. It contains ready-to-use sets of components, layouts, plugins, fonts & language support and many more. They’re specially designed to visualize and manage your admin tasks easily.  Well with the admin template, you can quickly analyze your website, and manage things.

  1. Ready-made design – Ready to use design for your backend interface, that gives a beautiful look to the admin panel.
  2. Faster – It makes your backend faster, more responsive, simpler, and easier to understand.
  3. Make easier development – Offers a responsive layout, consistent design, and a variety of pre-built components to make easier your development process.
  4. Flexible – Perfect for any web app and website.
  5. Advance Features – Includes lots of features to manage data, view the data, change trends, and record business statistics.

Using Bootstrap Dashboard Template for your backend can bring a marked difference to your project. The main advantage of using the Bootstrap Admin Template is to save time and effort in developing and designing your web application.

Using a Bootstrap Admin Template is simple and easy. Well, it offers ready-to-use components and a responsive layout that is perfect for any admin panel. 

  1. Pick any Bootstrap Admin Dashboard from our collection that perfectly matches to your project.
  2. Download it by choosing a license that fits your project.
  3. Now open the download file in your project folder.
  4. Take a look at the template files and many more features. 
  5. Now you change HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to meet your requirements.
  6. Adjust the design according to your requirements like changes in fonts, color schemes, layouts,  images, Adding more plugins, etc. 
  7. Now you can test your website and web app in different browsers as well as devices to make sure that works well.
  8. If it is ready for production, Make it live on your hosting server.

Yes, Bootstrap Dashboard Templates are highly customizable. You can modify colors, fonts, layouts, images, charts, maps, languages, components, and many more to match your project requirements. 

Yes, The core feature of Bootstrap is its built-in support for responsive design. So, every Bootstrap Templates is designed to fit perfectly in any size. We ensure a seamless user experience across desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Yes, All of our Premium and Free Bootstrap Templates are compatible with any browser like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. 

Yes, You can integrate third-party plugins and extensions to any of our Bootstrap Admin Templates to enhance your web app and website.

When it comes to Increase visibility in search engines then SEO is first priority. So, we developed every dashboard with the search engine-friendly codebase which helps you to stand in the first place. 

You can use our templates in both personal and commercial projects.

Mainly Bootstrap Admin Templates works with Bootstrap Framework but you can integrate it with other frameworks depending on compatibility and requirements.  

Benefits of using Prebuilt Templates

Highly Customizable

Customize smoothly across different contexts.

Error Free

Templates made perfectly, so they work smoothly without any mistakes.

Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any screen size.

Save Time

Ready to use templates save 90% of time.

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