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Gradient Able Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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What is Gradiant Able Bootstrap Admin Template?

Gradient Able  is made with love by expert developers from codedthemes and its completely made using Bootstrap 4. A modern class well tested responsive design makes Gradient Able a unique Admin Template

What can you create with Gradient Able Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template?

  • User Membership System
  • Inventory Management System
  • E-commerce Project
  • Social Networking project
  • Task Management Admin Theme
  • Chatting Application
  • Payroll System
  • Online Examination System
  • Medical Store System
  • Hospital - School - Library - CMS - Management System
  • Domain Hosting Backend Theme
  • HRM Application
  • Sales ERP
  • Freelancer Project Tool

There are lots of other projects you may create using Gradient Able Bootstrap Admin Template.

Why Gradient Able better than other Admin Dashboard Template?

  • High Performance - Our first prior is to make a Gradient Able Admin Theme with High Performance in every angle.
  • Easy Development & Much Flexible - Gradient Able is the full flexible solution for your entire project development. Well structured & commented code styles give you much easy project development.
  • Dependencies / No Dependencies
    • You may use Gradient Able with or without any further dependencies like Grunt, Bower, Sass. The choice is yours!
  • Custom Bower Package Installation
    • First time ever! If you are using Bower then try our custom Bower Package Installation using bower-installer. It reduces 90% package size.
  • Online & Offline Documentation Help
    • We understand your help concern while using Gradient Able Dashboard Template - We provide Online as well as Offline Documentation which helps you where ever you are.
  • More Demos - Suits your needs
    • Gradient Able comes with vast variants of demos and layouts which suit your complete backend development.
  • Future Enhancement
    • We continuously work on Gradient Able future enhancement and for that, we integrate useful plugins continuously.
  • Live Customizer
    • Color combination, Layout variants, Sidebar variants all be a change in just one click using Live Customizer.

Gradient Able feature includes:-

Below are detailed features of Gradient Able

Numbers that Matters
  • 1 Landing Page
  • 4 Dashboard
  • 24+ Menu Variants including Horizontal - Vertical - RTL Backend Dashboard
  • 50+ Ready to use form
  • 100+ Widgets
  • 100+ Useful Charts & Maps
  • 250+ Pages
  • 500+ Form Element
  • 1000+ UI Components
  • 5000+ Font Icons

Well organized cards, charts, tables, counters, social counters etc... which really suits your Dashboard Analytics. Well organized cards, charts, tables, counters, social counters etc... which really suits your Dashboard Analytics. 4 pre developed dashboards includes

  • Default
  • E-commerce
  • CRM
  • Analytics Project
Page Layouts

Page Layouts includes Vertical - Horizontal and RTL Menu variants as well as Box layout. It contains 24+ features. Menu feature includes,

  • Static Layout
  • Header Fixed
  • Compact Menu
  • Sidebar Fixed
  • Static with Icon
  • Fixed with Icon

Navigation is the main header of admin template. It includes various styles like,

  • Navbar Inverse
  • Navbar with elements

Widgets are the central heart of Gradient Able Admin Template. 100+ Widgets easing your development.

Basic Components

In every stage of your project development, Basic Components is required.

  • Alert, Breadcrumbs, Button, Box-shadow, Accordion, Generic class
  • Tabs, color, Label Badge, Progress var, Pre-loader, List, Tooltip & pop over
  • Typography etc...
Advance Components

3'rd party Advance Components integrated with Gradient Able Backend Theme.

  • Draggable, Grid stack, Light box, Modal, Modal form, Notifications
  • PNOTIFY, Rating, Range slider, Slider
  • Syntax highlighter, Tour, Tree view, Nestable, Toolbar, X-Editable
Extra Components
  • Session Timeout,
  • Session Idle Timeout
  • Offline

Animate.css useful for giving animation to any element.

Sticky Notes

5000+ font icons which load faster than image icon.

  • Font awesome
  • Themify
  • Simple line icon
  • ION icon
  • Material design
  • Ico fonts
  • Weather icon
  • Typicons
  • Flags
Form Components

We almost cover about form elements & it's ready to use components in Gradient Able.

  • Form components
  • Form Addon, Elements-Advance,
  • Form Validation
  • Form Picker
  • JSON Form
  • Form Select
  • Form Masking
  • Form Wizard
  • Ready to Use Form

Data is every thing. Display data in the proper way is much important than any thing else.

  • Table collection like
  • Bootstrap Table
  • Data Table
  • Data Table Extensions
  • Foo Table
  • Hands on Table
  • Editable Table
Charts & Maps

Visual Data Analysis using vast variants of different types of chats & maps included with Gradient Able.

  • Google Chart, Echarts, ChartJs
  • List Chart, Float Chart, Know Chart, Morris Chart
  • Nvd3 Chart, Peity Chart, Radial Chart
  • Rickshaw Chart, Sparkline Chart, C3 Chart
  • Google, Vector Maps
  • Google Map search API
  • Location
Landing Page

Ready to use designed pages.

  • Auth - Login Pages
  • Maintenance Pages
  • User Profile
  • Blog
  • E-commerce
  • E-Email Templates
App & Extension

Integrated App & Extension which completely suits your project requirement.

  • Chat Application
  • CRM Contact
  • Social
  • Task
  • To-do
  • Gallery
  • Editor like CK-editor, WYSIWYG, ACE, Summer Note, Long Press Editor
  • Invoice
  • Event Calendar
  • Image Cropper
  • File Upload
  • Internationalise for multi language page.
Gradient Able Version Bootstrap Change Logs :
6-04-2019  v3.1
HTML Version
- No change
- Gradient Able Angular version separate as a new angular product.

28-12-2017 v2.0.2
HTML Version
- Fix Design Bugs in Responsive.
- Documentation Change
- No major change in HTML version. 
- Replace style sheets if you already use v2.0.1

25-11-2017 V1.0
v1.0 Release

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  • Feature Availability

    Great deal in Black Friday. As this template is not ordinary type. I found that this is some thing new in market. Like the feature availability and its presentation. Look luck with better sales.

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  • Design Quality


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  • Customizability

    I own license(s) on Mash Able, Guru Able, and now Gradient Able. The CodedThemes admin themes are just getting better and better. Love the fact that the Gradient Able now uses Sass where I can just change variables for colors, etc.
    I t was just a “breeze” for me to upgrade my app from using the Guru Able theme to the Gradient Able. With a few ‘personal touches I was quickly up and running.

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  • Design Quality


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  • Hi, I was wondering why on this website it shows gradient able being version 2.02, but on different third party websites it shows version 3 being the latest with angular 6?

    do I get version 3 if I buy it from the official website?

    Thanks, and outstanding template!

    • Hi, Gradient Able new version is first to live on our official website. Its typo mistake in product description page. We already updated it.

      Wish you happy to purchase it.

      Thank you

  • can some one respond to my ticket 44059?
    Hi Support Team,

    I ran Angular Vertical CLI-v1.7.3 successfully. But when I see the dev-server page (http://localhost:4200/dashboard/default), I did not find so many features which are available in HTML version. We need all the features in Angular version as exactly as HTML version.

    For example: If you see below attached files, In Advanced section of Angular version, “Graggable”, “Grid Stack”, “Tree view” etc.. are not available.

    Please provide all the features in Angular version ASAP.

  • Hello.

    If we buy the Gradient Able template, which is supposed to have angular 5 components, do we receive the angular components source code in typescript ? or just the html and bootstrap source code? Could you explain us, thanks

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