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React Templates

If you are looking for the best Free React admin Template, you are at the right place. We have a large collection of React Admin Templates; it is highly customized Templates. All our admin Templates are fully responsive and tested in all retina devices.

Our React admin dashboard Templates delivers a bunch of responsive, customization and reusable components, so it helps to create a modern, responsive app.

What is React

React is a JavaScript library that is used to create a responsive web design. Using a react user can create a stunning User Interface (UI) effortlessly. It will create a simple view for each state in your web application and react will efficiently render the right components when data is changed.

Using ReactJs users can create flexible and get so many options for performing the same task in a different way.

Use of React

React allows view data in a faster way it doesn’t matter the size of the data. It renders time is fast.

Here are some benefits of the use of React


It is difficult to create a website from scratch, react provide a reusable code called “Components”. It is not only to provide seamless User Interface (UI) but also free up developer time and effort.

Virtual DOM

With the use of virtual DOM, the react template creates an in-memory data structure, it means when computing the change it automatically updates the browser.

This allows a special feature that enabled-programmer to code as if the whole page render on each change whereas React library only renders component change.

Single way data binding

In react when the data value changed and passed through components render as properties in HTML tags.

Components cannot directly modify any properties but can pass a call back function with help of this it can be modified. This process known as “Properties flows down, action flow up”.

Native Approach

React can be used to create a mobile application using React- Native. It provides facilities to code re usability. At the same time, users can make ios, android and web applications (It creates a cross-platform application).

Easy texting and Optimization

It is super easy to test. It‘s compatible with all major devices.

React makes it easy for a developer to test the performance to deliver the best UI.

Why you choose codedthemes React admin Templates

We are developing a premium React admin template for our every product. Our main purpose of creating a free template is, before purchasing a premium or pro version you can test and check that this template is matched with your business requirement.

So, basically user can get the idea that is this Template is suitable for all your business requirements if it fulfills your all business needs you can go with the premium or pro version of Template.