Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Template

Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Template

Gradient Able Angular Admin Template
Framework Angular 11
Version 5.0.0
Last update May 05, 2022
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April 06, 2019

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Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari

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6 Months

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1 Year

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SCSS, TypeScript

What is Gradient Able Angular Template?

Gradient Able Angular 11 Admin Template

Gradient Able is the most comprehensive Angular Admin Dashboard Template, around all other admin templates in the market. Before developing Gradient Able our key point was the performance. While developing we have gone through various testing & code optimization processes, for making this performance-centric backend application.

Gradient Able Angular dashboard template is the perfect fit for any kind of website related to project management, software sales, application development, or any other business need. The minimalistic design and the integrated navigation bar make each user experience effortless and the content-oriented layout helps focus on the important tasks and goals. Every backend template comes with error/bug-free, well structured, well-commented code and regularly with all the latest updated code. This saves you a large amount of developing backend application time and it is fully customizable.

Gradient Able is a multipurpose admin dashboard template with a fully responsive design, customizable charts, and graphs. We provide multiple choices of color schemes and layouts. Gradient Able provides a clean and elegant design that is compatible with any type of app: CRM, Project Management, Mobile App, e-Commerce, and more. No programmers are needed! It has a premium content management system to build it easily.

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Reasons to choose Gredient Able

Top features of Gradient Able Admin Dashboard Template

200+ Pages

We've created 200+ Pages, which cover almost everything

Faster Loading Speed

Page render fast with the best score in Google Page Speed Tool

11+ New Advance Layouts

We've designed 11+ new layouts for your need

New - Live Customizer

Real-time page customizer with tons of options to choose

Retina Responsive Ready

Every component are highly responsive and retina ready too

Support/Helper Guide

Detailed documentation is written out for easing your development

20+ Plugins

We've integrated every possible 3'rd party plugins which suits your backend need


Highlight your statistics data in visual foam using 45+ pre-designed charts

100+ Widgets

Ready to use Dashboard Widgets as per your demand

1000+ UI Elements

We've cover everything in terms of UI elements in Datta-Able

Form Elements

Buttons, Dropdowns, Icons, Accordion etc...

5+ Applications

Email, Task, To-do, Gallery, File Upload, Calender.

Pre built Components

Explore the Available components and pages in Gradient Able Angular Dashboard Template.

Features Free Premium
Dashboard Default Analytics, Sales
Page layouts Vertical, Horizontal, RTL, Box, Light, Dark, Sticky, Collapse, Fixed
Widget Statistics, Datas, Charts
User Profile Profile, Card, List
Basic Components 4 Components All Bootstrap Customized Components
Advance Components Sweet alert, Datepicker, Kanban, LightBox, Notification, Rating, Range Slider
Forms Basic Forms Elements Form elements, Form Advance, Form Validation, Form Masking, Form Wizard, Form Picker, Form Select
Table Bootstrap Few Demos Bootstrap Table Multi Demos, Data table
Chart and Maps AmChart Apex, Charjs, Highchart, Peity, Google Maps
Authentication Login, Register Login, Register, Reset-Change Password, Profile Setting
Apps Email, Task, Todo, Gallery, Helpdesk, Editors, Invoice, Calendar, File Upload
Extra Error, Offline, Under Maintenance
Animations Animations
Icons Feathers Feathers
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  • 6 month premium Support
  • 1 year updates
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Change Log

Version 5.0 (08-12-2020)

  • Angular 11+ Support


Version 4.0 (01-10-2020)

Note: No changes in HTML version

  • Angular 10+ support

  • Clear cut code structure for complete layout.

  • Fix code directory structure

  • Fix scss file structure

  • Updated \'fullcalendar\' modules

    • \"fullcalendar\": \"^3.10.1\",

    • \"@fullcalendar/angular\": \"^4.4.5-beta\",

    • \"@fullcalendar/core\": \"^4.4.0\",

    • \"@fullcalendar/daygrid\": \"^4.4.0\",

    • \"@fullcalendar/interaction\": \"^4.4.0\",

    • \"@fullcalendar/timegrid\": \"^4.2.0\",

  • removed \'angular-6-datatable\' module

  • \"angular-archwizard\": \"^5.0.0\",

  • removed \'ng-2-archwizard\' and import new third party module \'angular-archwizard\'

  • \"angular-highcharts-chart\": \"^1.0.2\",

  • \"highcharts\": \"^6.2.0\"

  • updated \'angular-highcharts-chart\' and \'highcharts\'

  • removed \'\"ic-datepicker\" module

  • removed \'ng2-currency-mask\' module

  • updated \'rxjs-compat\'

  • removed animation module \'css-animator\'.

  • removed \'ng2-validation\' and add new third party module \'ngx-custom-validators\'


Version 3.2 (21-08-2018)

Note: No changes in HTML version

  • Angular 6 supported

  • CLI v6.0.x supported


Version 3.1 (08-05-2018)

Note: No changes in HTML version

  • Properly parse CSS variables that begin with interpolation

  • Generate correct source maps for main scss

  • Add more advance widget

  • Fix bug: real time charts

  • Effective navigation and breadcrumbs add

  • Fix bug: basic alert

  • Fix bug: responsive tabs options

  • New Added Modules

    • Proper star, bar, square rating

    • Slider, range slider and scale slider

    • Effective and proper landing page

    • Email inbox with mail compose

    • Setup easy interface documentation


Version 2.0.2 (28-12-2017)

HTML Version:

  • Fix Design Bugs in Responsive.

  • Documentation Change

  • No major change in HTML version.

  • Replace style sheets if you already use v2.0.1

Angular Version:

  • Compatible to CLI 1.5.0 & Node 9.3.x version.

  • Resolve minor bugs.

  • Fix Design Bugs in Responsive.


Version 2.0.1 (18-12-2017)

Note: No changes in HTML version

  • Documentation Change

  • Add more basic modules

  • Add Slider and Rating advance modules

  • Scroll to top on change routes.

  • Change configuration.

  • Bug fixed dark layout.

  • Set dashboard notification.

Version 1.0 (17-11-2017)

  • Initial release.