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It's a collection of web pages developed with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. These ready-to-use pages are only used as a backend interface of web applications.

A good admin template makes your task easy, and creates a responsive page layout in no time, in short, it’s time-saving and does not require a designer and When it comes to mobile-first web apps, Bootstrap is the best framework.

Using a Template for your backend project can bring a marked difference to your website because where you can view the data, manage things, change trends, and record business statistics. 

What does it Include?

A developer with the knowledge of HTML, CSS, & JavaScript can easily use this. You can use our template without any hesitation because it's developer-friendly.

The template comes with well-written documentation that guides every step from installation to run. Furthermore, every template also includes a starter kit that will help you start your next project.

If you are still in confusion then you may try our free bootstrap admin template. It helps to know our code quality. After that, you move to the premium ones which include more features that are necessary for your new project.

Some of our Features:

Benefits of  Bootstrap Admin Template 

The main benefit of using it is that you can combine it with any backend framework such as Laravel, Django, ASP.NET, Spring, Flask, etc., as per your need.

Here are some benefits:

1) Ready to Use

It is a ready-made admin template. You don’t have to wait for a designer to design your admin panel, then code. All you need to choose a template and customize it according to your business requirements.

2) Lots of Choices

In the market, Bootstrap has hundreds of templates available. You have many choices in each category, so choose according to your needs.

3) Save Time and Money

If you want to get your site up and running as soon as possible, a ready-to-use admin template saves time and money. You don't have to spend hours designing your own from scratch.

4) Premium Quality

We believe in quality not in quantity. Our developer will always update with the latest trends and give you the best template that is made by using the latest technology.

5) SEO-Friendly

Our template is made with clean, proper and bug free code that boost your website performance and helps to get web apps higher in search result pages.

With the help of our admin dashboard, you can build:

Many more...

Why Choose CodedThemes?

CodedThemes believe in quality not in quantity. All our admin templates are created by professional designers and developers, so you don't have to worry about design and development, you just have to integrate the admin dashboard.

We are developing a premium admin template and free admin template for every product. It includes demo, so before purchasing a premium or pro version you can test and check that this template matches your business requirements. So basically, you can get the idea that this template is suitable for your projects requirements or not.

Our admin templates can help you to create an outstanding admin panel and responsive user interface. We have crafted our admin templates to help you develop self-contained pages in no time. All Templates are responsive and tested on all retina devices. We include all the necessary features like a system for a layout, chart library, UI Components, etc.

You will also get premium supportdocs access, and free updates based on the license you purchased. If you have any query you can Submit Ticket.

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