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In this era of technological evolution, businesses are looking for more digitized ways to opt for the desired growth. Want to be productive when designing and developing your web app projects? Choose our Angular Templates designed by qualified experts. Make the process of development easy & seamless with our range of angular template options.

Do you want to revolutionize the project? CodedThemes presents Premium & Free Angular Templates that cover all the features & functionalities. All the Angular Templates you discover on our site are easy to integrate with any Angular development project. The following templates help individuals to build the site and web apps without any hassle.

The top-notch UI and ready-to-use elements free the developers. Our Angular Theme is the most used by business enterprises because they are customizable, flexible & responsive. These templates include customized Contact App, Todo app, RTL Color option & mini Sidebar options.

Features of Angular Templates

The Angular Template offered by the team of CodedThemes boosts workflow efficiency and productivity. At CodedThemes, we ensure that all the templates we offer meet high-quality UX standards. We made these templates live after a stringent process that makes them easy to use and visually pleasing. Here are the technical features that we use to create our templates -

Why choose Angular Templates from CodedThemes?

Frequently Asked Questions

Angular is a platform and framework for developing single-page client apps using HTML and TypeScript. Angular was developed in TypeScript.

Angularjs success stems from its ability to securely link data to HTML components. Angular directives provide a method for creating HTML+CSS modular components. Entrepreneurs have favored Angular for developing robust and efficient online applications. It is popular in the IT industry because of its simplicity of use, efficiency, and ease of integration with extra platforms.

Angular, with a true DOM and a JavaScript structure, is ideal for developing single-page apps. Testing and building apps is now a lot easier. Google has created and supports Angular every six months, providing timely upgrades. This provides greater help. Angular is used to execute a two-way binding of data procedure, which aids in the replication of all template changes in a secure, rapid, and straightforward manner. You can also easily recycle the components in Angular.

While not a direct substitute for React, Angular remains an excellent choice for developers looking for an organized, scalable, and feature-rich framework. Remember, selecting the correct framework depends on the project’s particular demands and the development team’s skills.

An Angular Template displays a view that developers can use to design and develop web apps and websites. They don’t need to start from scratch; instead, they can use these templates and customize the design based on their preferences. These templates are growing broadly in the market because of their top-notch features and functionalities.

Angular enhances the HTML syntax of the templates with more capabilities. For instance, Angular data-bind syntax allows you to dynamically update attributes. Almost any HTML language can be used as template syntax.

The <ng-template> tag is mostly used to store template material for Structural directives. These rules can add as well as remove replications of template material according to their own logic. When utilizing the structural directive shortcut, Angular generates a <ng-template> component behind the scenes. Once you download the template, you can unzip the folder and start uploading the coding for the design.

All UI Templates are designed with responsive modules and adaptable to any screen size, whether it’s desktop, tablet, laptop, or mobile phone. So, yes, they are responsive.

A template is similar to conventional HTML, but it also includes Angular template syntax, which changes the HTML based on the application’s logic as well as the state of the application along with DOM data.

Yes, the angular templates are customizable. You can customize them as per your demands and requirements.

Yes, you can get two types of templates on our site. Where some templates are free to use, and some require payment.

Benefits of using Prebuilt Templates

Highly Customizable

Customize smoothly across different contexts.

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Templates made perfectly, so they work smoothly without any mistakes.

Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any screen size.

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Ready to use templates save 90% of time.

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