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Datta Able Pro Django Template

  • : Django
  • : v1.0.2
  • : August 21, 2021
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June 17, 2021
Edge, Safari, Chrome, Mozilla, Opera
Files Included
HTML, .env, .py, js
6 Months

Datta Able Django Pro

Premium starter coded in Django Framework

Datta Able Django PRO is a commercial seed project crafted with a database, session-based authentication, basic helpers, and deployment scripts on top of Datta Able PRO Design. The codebase has a simple, modular structure that follows the industry best practices and patterns used in modern Python-based applications. 

Datta Able Django Template is actively supported by CodedThemes and Appseed.

For newcomers, Django is the most popular Python-based web framework initially released in 2003 and currently used by tech giants like Instagram and Disqus. The “batteries-included” concept and the built-in security pattern provided by experts make Django a reference framework in modern web development.

Features at Glance

130+ Pages

We've created 130+ Pages, which cover almost everything

Faster Loading Speed

Page render fast with the best score in Google Page Speed Tool

9+ New Advance Layouts

We've designed 9+ new layouts which you never seen before

Actively Managed

Always updated with actively support by Appseed

Retina Responsive Ready

Every component are highly responsive and retina ready too

Support/Helper Guide

Detailed documentation is written out for each component


Highlight your statistics data in visual foam using 40+ pre-designed charts

150+ Widgets

Ready to use Dashboard Widgets as per your demand

70+ Plugins

We've integrated every possible 3'rd party plugins which suits your backend need

1000+ UI Elements

We've cover everything in terms of UI elements in Datta-Able

Form Elements

Buttons, Dropdowns, Icons, Accordion etc...

5+ Applications

Task, To-do, Gallery, File Upload, Calender.

Django Codebase

The product can be used to start a new project by coding only the specific features on top or integrate this premium design into a legacy Python-based product coded in Django, Flask, or FastAPI. 

The design is already production-ready with pages and components compatible with the Django template engine. Being a simple starter, any developer with basic Python knowledge should be able to compile and use the app by typing only a few lines in the terminal.

Our Best Pricing Plan

Choose the one you need. Need more info on Licenses? Learn more


Single Use

Use for single end product.

  • Use for Single End Product
  • 6 Months Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • Allow Paying users (1 Domain)


Extended License

Use for SASS end product.

  • Unlimited websites
  • 1 Year Support
  • 12 Months Free Updates
  • Allow Paying users (Single SaaS Product)

Get Support in Average 30min

Average Response time in 30 min so that customer will get support in short time.


Separate support desk for quick resolution of your query. Our previous support ratio result is – 90% query resolution in 1’st response.

Deployment Scripts

Django Datta PRO comes preconfigured for Docker and Gunicorn/Nginx stack, a popular configuration used in production. 


The latest version of the product is v1.0.2. For more information regarding the product evolution, please access the official documentation.

v1.0.2 - 2020-03-22
v1.0.1 - 2020-05-30
Bug fixing, Improvements
  • Add to track all changes

  • Patch - Error-404.html not used in all contexts

  • Update LICENSE file - added more information regarding the app usage

v1.0.0 - 2020-05-01
Initial Release