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These days, web apps are developing quite quickly. The successful launch of the majority of web-based apps depends fully on a high-quality solution stack. If you want to give your customers the best support but don’t have much time for development, then the Angular Admin Template could be your answer.

Every angular dashboard template that we develop at CodedThemes is guaranteed to adhere to the highest UX standards and best practices. They undergo several stages of inspection to ensure user-friendliness and are visually beautiful. It is completely suitable for even the most technologically inexperienced people.

What are our Angular Dashboard, and Why are they specialized?

Our angular dashboard template is the ideal fusion of Angular 18 and Bootstrap 5, producing aesthetically pleasing and responsive admin panels. It has a modern, aesthetically pleasing appearance and is extensively optimized for optimal performance and construction efficiency. The Angular 18 admin template ensures a smooth user experience because it is cross-browser-compatible and completely responsive. The design offers versatility in switching between multiple themes with convenience and is optimized for effectiveness and speed.

Features of Angular Admin Templates

Our Premium and Free Angular Templates provide you with a quick overview of all the key performance indicators (KPIs) for your online application on a single page, which increases your productivity. We try our best to eliminate the needless hours spent examining Excel sheets. Here are the technical features that we use to create our templates -

Why choose the Angular Admin Template from CodedThemes?

Frequently Asked Questions

The development of web applications is one of the frequent uses of angular admin templates. The web applications and dashboards made with this framework come with built-in, ready-to-use templates called Angular Admin Template. Web application developers can benefit from these templates while they work on their projects.

  • Angular dashboards include charts and graphs to represent data in a way that’s easy to understand at a glance.
  • Responsive grid layouts for organizing and arranging components.
  • Sidebars and top navigation bars for easy access to different sections.
  • Configurable settings for themes, layouts, and preferences.
  • Support for localization and language changes.

Selecting the Ideal Template –

Explore the selection of Angular Templates. Choose the model that best suits the specifications, layout, and complexity of your project, as each is made to meet a particular set of requirements.

Download and Open –

Select your template and then download it. Everything you want, including HTML, CSS, Angular components, and more, will be included in a zip file.

Get Your Angular Setup Ready –

Check that your Angular setup is configured before you begin. You may need to download Node.js, npm & Angular CLI if you’re not used to Angular.

Customize It –

Adjust the template to suit your needs. For functionality, adjust the TypeScript code, CSS styles, and HTML structure. The templates we design will meet your needs.

Put Your Own Twist –

This is the section where your organization’s logic goes in. Adjust the components to match the design of your project.

Check Everything Out –

Don’t forget to test your app properly. Examine the user interface and functionality across several devices, look for issues, and confirm the backend connection.

Start the App –

It’s time to deploy after everything is satisfactory. It is up to you to select whatever server or cloud provider you want to host your Angular application on.

Yes, the angular admin templates are customizable. You can easily change the section which you don’t need for your project.

The angular dashboard template we offer fit any screen size and looks visually attractive, whether it’s a laptop, desktop, or smartphone.

Yes, Angular Dashboard works with other frameworks like Bootstrap. Web app developers can easily integrate this with the other frameworks without any hassle.

Yes, Angular Dashboards are SEO-friendly. It has pre-rendering capabilities that allow the website crawlers to seamlessly follow the links and explore the contents. The following feature ensures that the context is indexed perfectly and ranks the web app in SERP.

Large enterprises, tech companies, startups, small businesses, individual developers, and web development agencies can use our Angular admin templates.

When it is about developing superior visually engaging designs, usability, and customization, no one can beat us. For the same reason, all reputable developers choose our angular templates over others. CodedThemes is dedicated to delivering clients superior templates since we appreciate their business. Angular Templates offer a number of features and advantages along with regular updates and upgrades. We provide enough support since we have a huge community.

Benefits of using Prebuilt Templates

Highly Customizable

Customize smoothly across different contexts.

Error Free

Templates made perfectly, so they work smoothly without any mistakes.

Fully Responsive

Templates look great on any screen size.

Save Time

Ready to use templates save 90% of time.

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