Able Pro v7.0 Lite
Able Pro v7.0 Lite
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able pro v7.0 lite

Able Pro v7.0 Lite

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin

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Able Pro v7.0 Lite
Able Pro v7.0 Lite -  Free Admin Template is complete solution for your dashboard creation. It comes with Dark Version with optimized Google font integration, high speed, mature and sophisticated, extremely well organized code makes Able Pro v7.0 Lite a complete flexible solution for any type of back-end project. Overview of Able Pro v7.0 Lite Free Admin Template - It comes with Basic but useful UI components, advance components, auth pages, font icons, different form components, data tables, charts and maps. Able Pro v7.0 Lite comes with below listed features. There are more features and variety of options available in Able Pro v7.0 Premium dashboard version.
  • HTML  version - More Info/Download
  • Angular 4 version - Coming soon

Features of Able Pro v7.0- Free Admin Template

  • Dashboard
  • UI Elements
    • Accordion
    • Buttons
    • Label Badge
    • Grid System
    • Box Shadow
    • Color
    • Litebox
    • Notification
    • Panel-wells
    • Tabs
    • Tooltips
    • Typography
  • Chart
    • Float Chart
    • Morris Chart
  • Forms
    • Form Elements Bootstrap
    • Form Elements Material
    • Form Elements Advance
  • Tables
  • Pages
    • Login
    • Register
    • Forgot Password
    • Profile
    • Lock Screen
  • Error 404
  • Sample Page
  • Search result
  • Menu Level
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